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My Grandmother

I grew up in a small mountain village in Bulgaria called Chelopech in a family with healing roots. My grandmother, Elena, was a big influence on me.


She is a very wise woman with a generous and big heart. Everyone in the village knows her and comes to her for help, friendship and guidance.


I can only dream of being of such great service to other people as she has been and continues to be today.

An Oxford Diplomat

I came to the UK at the age of 19 with a full scholarship for my undergraduate degree in Politics and Economics at Edinburgh University in Scotland. Thus, I ventured into the world all on my own, keen to explore new cultures, and learn from them.

One of my life dreams was to study at Oxford University. It took me about 10 years to fulfil my dream but with the help of my parents, my sister and with the benefit of a full departmental scholarship I made it. I obtained a Distinction for my Master of Science Degree in Diplomacy and Global Governance and spent the following few years working in Geneva and Brussels.


My calling

When I realised that the life of a diplomat was not for me, I came back to London. This is when I discovered Craniosacral Therapy, which profoundly changed my life. It also helped me to remember my healing roots (which I had forgotten) and eventually I decided to train as a craniosacral therapist and continue the family tradition.

​It is a lifelong journey for me and a calling to help others live healthy and joyful lives.

Yorkshire: God's Own County

In 2023 I took the decision to leave London and move to Leeds and to practise craniosacral therapy in the county of Yorkshire. 


I love the Yorkshire Dales and being able to visit this part of the world is important for me, it gives me great joy. I love the Swaledale sheep, the beautiful nature and the local culture, which reminds me of my own roots in the countryside in Bulgaria.

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